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Baby Its Cold Outside!

Fall is officially here in Northern California! The cold winter months are just around the corner,cold-fall-mornigns and we have already had multiple storms!

With the change of seasons, comes the change of systems.

The hot summer months had your A/C cranking! But now you are shifting over to using your Furnace, especially for those frosty mornings. Now is the BEST time to receive your systems yearly maintenance! Clean out the A/C and treat it well; after all, it has serviced you well these past months!

Lets get that Furnace up and running without a hitch! Don’t be left out in the cold with a rusty Furnace! Like letting your car warm up in the early morning cold temperatures, let your Furnace warm up too! Lewis Mechanical wants to get you and your family ready for those COLD months that lay ahead! cold-winter-storm

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